Technical Writing and Editing

Spending too much time and energy writing, reviewing, and editing? Let me help!


Hello, my name is Virginia Trauth. I have a B.S. in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Missouri and have earned my E.I. certification through the State of Missouri.

When my mom and I started our stormwater technology company, we decided to apply for federal grant funding. I was initially frustrated with the time and effort it took to understand the grant language and requirements and to do the actual writing and editing. Over time, with lots of practice and multiple grant submissions, I became proficient at technical writing and editing. From my experience building our company, I began mentoring students and teams in business competitions and courses. In addition to working on the business side of things, I assisted in the writing and editing of their plans and proposals.

From working on our company and with the groups I have mentored, I know that other individuals could use a little help with technical writing and editing to reduce the time, effort, and stress associated with it.



I'll work with you to do the actual writing of proposals, projects, journal articles, and other technical documents

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I'll review and edit your proposals, projects, journal articles, theses, dissertations, and other technical documents

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We will work together to see if your new business idea is viable or what steps should be taken to grow an existing business

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Here are a few grant submission excerpts: 

NSF SBIR 18-550.pdf

EPA SBIR 2018.pdf


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