Nasibeh Z. F.
Engineering Ph.D. Student

Virginia reviewed and edited my dissertation. English is not my first language and she greatly helped with grammatical and logical flow issues. She was efficient and precise and worked with me to meet deadlines. Virginia made sure I understood her comments and that I was satisfied with how the project was progressing.

Mateo S.
Student and entrepreneur

Some of the situations that have led me to need to use technical writing and editing services have been to request government or a non-governmental organizations for grant money, or to apply for programs and competitions. Both of these situations have stringent deadlines and must be submitted on-time. A high quality, revised and edited version is always needed to be submitted at a specific date and time. The situation is usually involving multiple minds at work and consists of many moving parts. Working with Virginia, the level of service is always personalized, timely and well coordinated.